Nice to meet you!

Hi there! My name is Sébastien Nayener.

I am a frank and authentic thirty-year-old artist who grew up in the early 90s. Since I was a child, the Club Dorothee cartoons have been part of my life: Japaneses mangas like Dragon ball Z became later my sources of inspiration later.

I did different jobs in my life. As I worked as a wood-worker, I discovered MDF (wood-based panel). With this very robust support, I can make some visuals effects (scratches to make a time effect) that I would not be able to do on classic canvas.

From France to Germany

As I am still living in France, I regularly travel to Berlin to meet my customers. In this great city, I discovered and started to do graffiti.

Work and collaborations

I create unique artistic and personalised artworks. I translate artistically the personal story of my customers.

Strengths and weaknesses, family members, special moments of your life are parts of my creation. These are just examples. It could be what ever you want. The creation process is very clear: you propose a list of terms, names, objects, which inspire you. And I translate them using my artistic method. I research every item of your list: for example, I can translate them with symbols, animals or script from a foreign language. Then, I realise a sketch of the whole composition with the significations of each elements. If the composition doesn’t meet your expectations, you have the possibility to have it modified until it pleases you. Colours and dimension can also be totally personalised too, according to the specificities of the place where the artwork will be displayed. Once we agree on the composition and options, I realise the artwork. With this type of process, you have an original and unique artwork, which you will find nowhere else. It has been created for you and only you.

I offer this specific approach after putting myself in the place of the customer. In fact, I will be really disappointed if I see a similar artwork in my neighbour’s house. I prefer to simply create rare and unique pieces. This approach reflects my vision of art and my personality. It allows me to create authentic artworks and to express myself. Your orders are part of my artistic adventure and I’m proud to share it with all those who do not know it yet.