60x60x0,2 cm

“Communications” is an original work that focuses on different types of communication. On this project it is the parrots, whose spiritual symbol is eloquence, who communicate vocally with each other. Humans are silent. They communicate through gestures or through a look. I found the idea of reversing the roles and highlighting the animal species.

Alpha Omega
90x60x2 cm

Alpha – Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet: the beginning and the end of everything. I found it interesting to translate this into an artistic form by keeping the Greek theme. Rich in details you will certainly spend time in front of them to apprehend and understand them.

90x90x2 cm

Having had the chance to experience some of Berlin’s nightlife, I wanted to use it to capture the unique atmosphere that reigns in the German capital’s clubs. Profusion of color, joy in the eyes, crazy costumes and good humor are the hallmarks of this unique work


Pink Cara
120x70x1 cm

Her charm, her feline side and natural charisma won me over. Her facial features and her eyes captivate me to the point of having granted her several projects. This one being the first.

120x82x2 cm

This artwork represents the spiritual connection we can have with the different cultures around us. You can spot them in the creation.

Spy Game
100x75x1 cm

“Spy game” brings together two main spy movie characters, on one side we have the old school James Bond, played by actor Daniel Craig, and on the other you have one of the Kingsman Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton.

100x80x1 cm

Poseod’O the god of the seas and oceans. Geometric shapes intertwine to form underwater fauna and flora, but also a trident-shaped ship reminding us that all these elements are part of the ancient god’s story

Original Life
120x100x2 cm

Life represents a vision of life through the connection we can have with the fauna and flora that surround us. The elephants, a male and a female, symbol of wisdom, surround the woman’s face with their benevolence.

Quiet Force
120x90x2 cm

Immerse in the painting to discover the symbols of perseverance, will and courage that define this animal subtly included in its fur.

Hommage à Kobe
120x80x1 cm

A sincere tribute to an extraordinary sportsman who marked and influenced a whole generation through his exploits on the court. 

80x80x1 cm

Famous French number 10, this man embodies much more than a simple sportsman. Off the field, his humility and his big heart are unmatched. 

Quiet Force
100x80x2 cm

Personalised work for a client who was a WWII history. Captain Kieffer was the commander of the 1st battalion of marine commandos, who landed in Normandy in 1944. 

Berlin Inspiration
100x80x1 cm

Artistic translation of my first trip in Berlin in 2019. I was impressed by the energy of the city and the omnipresence of the Bear, its symbol and loyal guardian.

100x80x2 cm

Thus anger, joy, sadness are many emotions that go through our body and that we can feel during our life. In a hyper-connected world via social networks and smartphones, the connection with our emotions through the symbol of a USB key.



As a street-artist working with spray cans, I have been using tones of them in the last years. The medium needed and used to create an artwork would just end up in the bin. So I decided to reuse them in another way, using upcycling.

17,5x7x7 cm

Hip-hop living legend collection.

Dr. Dre
17,5x7x7 cm

Hip-hop living legend collection.

17,5x7x7 cm

Hip-hop legend collection.

Spiderman – Peter Parker
17,5x7x7 cm

3 incredible interpreters of Peter Parker.

17,5x7x7 cm

Bouddha sculpted and on spray cans.

El Profesor
17,5x7x7 cm

Iconic character of La Casa del Papel.


26x22x12 cm

Starting from the positive energy created by Gabriel’s sculpture, I wanted, at my level, to create a design in harmony with his work. Mystical symbols, anamorphosis and joyful characters are mixed on the whole surface of this sculpture and the aerosol. A recycled spray can, emptied of its gas and paint, is placed between the arms of the character imagined by Gabriel. It is maintained by a magnetic system inside the sculpture.

65x43x1 cm

artwork dedicated to the underwater world. The shape of this piece of wood reminded me of a sort of surfboard. So let’s paint an artwork with the submarine universe as a topic.

66x66x2 cm

Original artwork dedicated to the artistic universe of Stromae, world famous Belgian singer.For me Stromae is flowers, birds, a mystical side, geometric shapes, color, energy and a lot of emotions. This project is in a way an artistic translation of the universe of this artist.

65x43x1 cm

Artistic translation of a spiritual prayer. The form of this medium inspired me to create this work around the marine world. Polynesian warriors are brought together to create a spiritual prayer in honour of Mother Nature.

Unleash the Energy
78x20x11 cm

A small Tibetan monk releases energy contained in a jar. This results in the appearance of Tibetan and Indian deities as well as bewitched frogs.

36x36x3 cm

Artwork to invite you to accept your own differences or those of others in order to create a beautiful individual (with oneself) or collective (through interactions with others) experience.

32x52x2 cm

Spot in the fur of this incredible animal the episodes of his life as flashes can appear sometimes in our thoughts or dreams

17x52x2 cm

“Run” is a dedicated to pop culture. Find in a single piece different characters from different universes: from sports with Usain Bolt to video games and nature.

45x25x2 cm


Samourai Frog
51x21x2 cm


45x25x2 cm



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