Pablo Picasso, a celebrated 20th-century Spanish artist, revolutionized modern art with his boundless creativity and innovative style. His prolific oeuvre, ranging from Cubism to Surrealism, redefined the boundaries of painting, sculpture and ceramics. Picasso was a pioneer in pushing conventional boundaries, stimulating future generations of artists to explore boldness, experimentation and artistic freedom. His iconoclastic vision continues to inspire and profoundly influence the contemporary artistic landscape.

Marta Cooper

As a street artist, it was my duty to create a work in honor of Martha Cooper. Martha is a renowned American documentary photographer who became famous for capturing the emergence of street art, graffiti and hip hop culture in New York in the 70s and 80s.



As a fan of the NBA and the beautiful game, I naturally dedicated this portrait to the American athlete Kobe Bryant. He was much more than a basketball legend. On the court, he embodied excellence and dedication, pushing the limits of the game with his extraordinary performances and an unwavering determination. Off the court, he inspired millions through his philanthropic work, his commitment to underprivileged children and his desire to promote creativity and excellence in diverse fields, from art to cinema. His passion, work ethic and legacy transcend sport, leaving a lasting impact on the world today.


Keith Haring, an iconic artist of the ’80s, developed a distinctive graphic style of simple shapes and bold lines, often associated with themes of pop culture and social struggle. His art, largely influenced by urban graffiti, was accessible to all and aimed to convey messages of social justice, tolerance and peace. Through his hard-hitting and engaging public works, Haring used art as a means of raising public awareness of issues such as HIV/AIDS, discrimination and the struggle for civil rights, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of contemporary art and social consciousness.


This project is a mix of different influences from my youth : Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya, Metal Gear Solid … Special piece for me. When I face difficulties, negative emotions like fears, I have this feeling that I have inside me this lil guy ready to share his energy to overcome a tough period. It’s like a second engine ready to start when the general battery is gone.

Wake up!

Sometimes projects are created without necessarily having a particular meaning except for the beauty of seeing elements meet and assemble with each other in the moment. This is the case of this project called “Wake up”. It is the meeting of a tiger who wakes up surrounded by a donut, all in a geometric graphic style and refined in the coloring.


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